Planning your Build with Homes By Nest

What to Expect

The building of your new home should never be a chore, done properly the process should be great fun and hugely satisfying.
We will ensure that our customers have an enjoyable home build experience by mixing fun and professionalism and engaging fully throughout.


Once you make the smart decision to contact Bru from Homes By Nest, you will be working through an openly communicative and transparent process to ensure the end result is everything you wanted and more, with no hidden costs and surprises.


A plan deposit is placed and another chat has the concept floor plans put in place.  Once we are both at least 90% happy, these plans are handed off to our design experts to create Revision A, or the first official design.


Once you are satisfied with your design, and have signed this stage off, Bru sends it out to the wider Homes By Nest family of subbies and suppliers for quoting.


Initial pricing is completed and the first proposal is presented by Bru in person. Any requested changes are discussed and made.


Final proposal is presented.


Building Contract is prepared and presented, agreed upon and signed.


Full working drawings and engineering then gets underway with Council consent to follow.


You will now also meet with Helen from Picturebook Interiors for the colour consult and for advice on curtains, carpets and other finishings. You will also have your Kitchen and Electrical consultations on the same day.


The aim is to be on site excavating within three weeks of your building consent being granted.