The Team in The Nest

Created by Bru and Linda over the past 18 months, Homes By Nest is built on their belief that a team effort of appreciated sub-contractors and suppliers can deliver nothing but a top quality, long lasting, family home.

After spending 12 years as a New Home Consultant with various building companies throughout Papakura, Franklin and Christchurch, we were presented the opportunity to purchase a building company franchise in Christchurch. With a change of circumstances and consideration around the table we made the decision to carry on and create Homes By Nest based in Papakura and Franklin.  The decision was made easier given we are both locals, and had been operating for so long already in the area, building up many excellent contacts most of whom we now consider good friends.

“An honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.”

Fast forward to today and we couldn’t be happier with the sub-contractors and suppliers we work alongside with. When we were putting together these relationships we made it clear how the company was going to run, with this mind-set being bought into by each and every team member.

Our tag line of ‘Premium Service I Personalised Solutions I Fair Price’ is not just for show. We take into careful consideration everyone involved in the building of your family home.

“Positive Energy”

If we have happy subbies and suppliers we genuinely believe that the onsite energy will be positively charged and the only possible outcome from that is the delivery of a ‘happy’, well built, long lasting family home.

With Bru remaining the point of call for any queries throughout the process - whether it be meeting for an initial consult, or going through the final home check - you can be assured all queries are met with complete professionalism and expertise.  Having Linda on hand to bounce ideas, you benefit from the close knit team and communication hitting the mark. Linda also works alongside Helen of Picturebook Interiors with the all important interior design and colour schemes to finish off your home with style.